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Updated August 5, 2010
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Amherst Citizen Wedding Announcement Form
This form may be modified as you require for Engagement Announcements
You may e-mail text and attach .jpg photo file (400k or larger) to:
Otherwise mail to: The Amherst Citizen, PO Box 291, Amherst, NH 03031

Please print or type all information clearly. Be sure to include the towns in which all the people reside.

Photo of bride or bridal couple will be printed if received promptly (please include S.A.S.E for return)

Wedding date:

Town of wedding:

Bride's maiden name:
(bride's town and state):

Bridegroom's name:
of (groom's town and state):

were married in a (double or single) ring ceremony
performed by (first and last name of clergyman):

at (church and town):

The bride is the daughter of (parents' name and town):

and the bridegroom is the son of (parents' name and town):

The bride was given in marriage by (name, town and relation):

The (maid or matron) of honor was (name, town and relation):

Other bridal attendants were (names, towns and relationship):

The flower girl was (name, town and relation)

and the ring bearer was (name, town and relation)

The best man was (name, town and relation)

Ushers were: (names, towns and relation)

A reception was held at (place of reception and town):

After a honeymoon in (place):
the couple will live in (town of residence after honeymoon):

The bride (attended or graduated from) high school:
and (attended or graduated from) (name of college or School and year.):

She is employed as an (occupation) by (name of employer):

The groom (attended or graduated from) high school:
and (attended or graduated from) (college or school and year):

He is employed as an (occupation) by (name of employer):

Please remember to include town and state of colleges and high schools.

Circle one, "attended" or "graduated from" where appropriate.
Your telephone number where you can be reached to check facts if necessary.

Your signature ........................................................................Date ...............

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